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About us

We are a Ukrainian-based IT outstaff company which provides 
services of developers to our clients and partners. We aspire to build win-win cooperation with our partners in order to support the industry and achieve mutual benefit. 

Work with us

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Our services:

We specialize in delivering superior quality software and providing high-skilled teams. Our developers use React.js, Angular 2+, Node.js frameworks, JavaScript and TypeScript programming languages for: 

  • Front-end development; 
  • Backend development; 
  • Full stack development; 
  • Mobile app development. 

Our responsibilities:

  • Providing the best candidates for our partners and clients; 
  • Employment of the best candidates who accept job offer 
  • Organizing and maintaining the best possible operational  environment, including Legal, Financial, Administrative and IT service;
  •  Assisting the team and individual team members to reach the maximal possible productivity.